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Napstaton[2] is the most famous radio DJ in the Underground.[1]



Napstaton has two forms.[3]

Box Form[]

Napstaton's box form looks similar to the box form of Undertale's Mettaton but with a cyan hat and floating sound mixers.[3]

Humanoid Form[]

Napstaton also has a human-like form, featuring a backwards cyan hat, grey hair, cyan headphones, a cyan hoodie, floating sound mixers, grey robotic hands, white gloves, a cyan heart and disconnected black and blue legs.[3]


Napstaton is charismatic and masculine.[1] He calls Chara "broski" and "broseph".[4] He also highly values his arms.[5]

In Battle[]

Napstaton's battle is based on rhythm games. That means that the player must copy the beats Napstaton does, or else Chara will take damage. He will allow Chara to damage him, due to being cocky and overconfident.[6]

During the battle, he loses his legs.[7]