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Sans is Papyrus's brother.<ref name="bro"/>
Sans is Papyrus's brother.<ref name="bro"/>
=== asgore ===
=== Asgore ===
Papyrus is friends with Asgore. They tell themselves various jokes (not just puns).<ref name="asgore"/>
Papyrus is friends with Asgore. They tell themselves various jokes (not just puns).<ref name="asgore"/>

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take one more step, and you’re gonna have a bad time kiddo.

— Papyrus' pre-fight dialogue[5]

Papyrus is a laid back jokester.[1] He is the brother of Sans.[2]



Papyrus wears an orange hoodie, dark green shorts and orange-white shoes.[6] He smokes a cigarette[7], which is floating because popcornpr1nce is too lazy to draw Papyrus's cigarette in his mouth.[8] He sometimes wears hoodies with indirect text posts, similar to those by zarglepoetry.[9]


Papyrus likes practical jokes. He enjoys honey as his favorite condiment and sells corndogs as a side job.[1] He is more into practical jokes than puns[10] and almost always slouches over so Sans doesn't feel small.[9]


Papyrus is aware that the player can reset the universe.[11]

During his fight, he uses yellow Gaster Blasters,[5] along with cleverly and creatively utilized bone attacks.[12]

Main Story

When Papyrus first meets Chara, he uses a mask, while asking Chara to shake his hand.[9]

Genocide Route

Papyrus is the final boss of the genocide route.[13] After getting hit, he "bleeds"[14] and leaves the screen.



Sans is Papyrus's brother.[2]


Papyrus is friends with Asgore. They tell themselves various jokes (not just puns).[3]


  • don't you know how to greet a new pal? ~[9]
  • you dirty brother killer.[5]
  • take one more step, and you’re gonna have a bad time kiddo.[5]


  • Papyrus speaks using lowercase letters, using the Papyrus font.[15]
  • Papyrus smokes to look edgy.[16]



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