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— Sans's catchprase

Sans is the older brother of Papyrus.[2] He is training to become a royal guard with Alphys.[5]



Sans is a chubby skeleton who wears a light grey shirt with a white shirt underneath, dark blue pants, and blue boots. He wears a blue cape around his neck, which ends near the end of his shirt.[2]

His eyes, which he can turn into hearts or other different shapes to express his emotions[6], are light blue with two dark circles in them. Unlike Undertale's Sans, he has eyebrows and can open his mouth.[2]


Sans is excitable, loving, and enjoys making tacos for his friends.[1] He calls himself "The Sansational Sans" and "The Supreme Sans".[7]

Sans likes to make tacos and burritos instead of spaghetti (Italian food being swapped with Mexican)[8] and likes to say "MWEH HEH HEH or HEH HEH HEH", he also likes riddles instead of puzzles.[8]

He enjoys making puns and pranks.

Sans enjoys collecting sci-fi figurines and spaceships (as well as other snippets).[9]


During his fight, Sans inflicts KR on Chara and turns their SOUL blue.[2]

Main Story[]

Neutral Route[]

Sans sets up various traps to stop Chara.[6]

After his fight, he takes Chara on a date[10], where he wears a shirt with "rad dude" written on it.[11]

Genocide Route[]

When Sans is fought, he tells Chara to run into his arms, before getting killed.[12] However, if you spare him in the Genocide Run, this will end the Route. (just like if you will spare papyrus on genocide in undertale)



Papyrus is Sans's younger brother. Sans sometimes shares his tacos with him.[2]


Alphys trains Sans.[5] She also sometimes helps out Sans with his cooking.[1]


  • MWA![6]
  • COME INTO MY ARM- oh..[13]
  • i guess this is goodbye.[13]


  • Sans speaks using uppercase letters, using the Comic Sans font.[14]
  • Sans is the first Underswap character that popcornpr1nce created.[2]
  • Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans was popcornpr1nce's original choice of theme for Sans, because it’s cute and upbeat. But he finds remixes of MEGALOVANIA pretty sweet too.
  • Sans says "WOWZERS!" when amazed, similar to how Undertale Papyrus says "WOWIE!".[15]



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