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Toriel is the queen of the Underground[1], and the ex-wife of Asgore.[2] She is the adoptive mother of Monster Kid and Frisk.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Toriel is a goat-like monster who wears metal armour with the Delta Rune engraved on it and a purple cape. She has long floppy ears, a pair of visible fangs, two small brown horns, cyan eyes. In her battle, she wields a long, bright-red bident. Underneath her cape, she wears a set of gray armor.[5]

Personality Edit

Toriel is ruthless and persistent. She is the one who killed the fallen children. She would like to offer Chara a piece of pie, but she's too crestfallen to do that.[6]

The monsters see her as a stern motherly figure for all of them.[7]

Relationships Edit

Asgore Edit

Asgore is Toriel's ex-husband.[2]

Monster Kid Edit

Monster Kid is one of Toriel and Asgore's adopted children.[3]

Frisk Edit

Frisk is one of Toriel and Asgore's adopted children.

Alphys Edit

Toriel trains Alphys.[4]

References Edit

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